The Compassionate Friends
Prince William Chapter
World Wide CandleLighting Ceremony

Sunday, December 8, 2013
Doors Open at 6:00PM
Ceremony at 7:00PM
Fellowship at 7:30PM

Location:  Buckhall United Methodist Church
10251 Moore Dr, Manassas, VA

Potluck fellowship will follow the ceremony.  Please bring a snack, dish, desert or drinks to share.

Candles will glow Sunday, December 8 when tens of thousands of bereaved parents, siblings, grandparents, relatives, and friends around the globe will join together to light remembrance candles to honor the memories of children who have died, but will never be forgotten.

Held annually the second Sunday in December, this will be the 17th Worldwide Candle Lighting sponsored by The Compassionate Friends (TCF), the nation’s largest self-help bereavement organization for families that have suffered the tragic loss of a child.

TCF has more than 650 chapters in the United States, with sister organizations in at least 30 countries around the globe.

In addition, we will be doing fundraising efforts for the 2013 World Wide Candle Lighting Ceremony and general operating funds for the TCF-Prince William County Chapter.  Instead of just asking for donations, we are offering up memorial products that you can purchase in memory of your child and to remember this event.

Please visit our Store to see these products.

Important Information for the Compassionate Friends – Prince William Chapter
2013 World Wide Candle Lighting Ceremony

DOORS OPEN AT 6:00PM.  Please understand that we will start setting up at this time and it may take a few minutes to get setup and organized.  If you would like to help us setup, please feel to come promptly at 6:00PM.  If not, please feel free to come 10 -15 minutes later and we should be all setup and start registering your child.  We will definitively have everything setup and will be registering by 6:30PM.

REGISTERING YOUR CHILD:  When you first show up, please make sure to register your child at the Welcome Desk.  Please fill out a card with your child’s first and last name.  If your child has an unusual or hard to pronounce name, please also spell it out phonetically beneath their printed name so that we can be sure to pronounce it correctly during the ceremony.

PARTICIPATING IN THE CEREMONY:  We encourage everyone to participate in the ceremony by reading a poem or story, singing a song, discussing a remembrance, sharing something about your child, etc.  If you would like to do any or all of the above or something else entirely different, please contact Jennifer Malloch at to let her know that you would like to do so.  This way we can plan ahead so that everyone can participate.

FELLOWSHIP/POTLUCK AFTER THE CEREMONY:  Please bring a salad, soup, chips & dip, entree, dessert, drink or other snack (suck as your child’s favorite food or candy) for the fellowship/potluck that will follow the ceremony.  If you have any questions or need a suggestion on what to bring, please contact Jennifer Malloch at

VIDEO SLIDE SHOW:  ****IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Due to a family emergency, Shane Williams will be out of town for this year’s ceremony and will not be able to produce the Slide Show Video.  If anyone would like to volunteer to do one, please contact Jennifer Jennifer Malloch at***** Once again this year, we will be putting together a slide show of all our children to be shown at the Ceremony.  We encourage you all to submit pictures and information (name, birthday, Angel Day, etc.) to be included in the slide show video.  Please limit the photos you submit to a total of 5 images to be included.  Please ensure that they are high resolution (150 dpi or higher), of sufficient size (8oo x 600 pixels) and that their content is appropriate for general viewing.  If you wish to include more than 5 photos, please create collages of your images (multiple images on one file) or if not able to do so, submit them and request that Shane create collages of them for you (which he will do as long as gets them far enough ahead of time in order to have the time to create them).  Send requests, information and images to Shane Williams at swilliams@tcfprincewilliam.orgDeadline for requesting your child’s inclusion in the video:  December 1, 2013.

MEMORIAL ITEMS FOR SALE:  All items available for purchase are part of The Compassionate Friends – Prince William County Chapter fundraising (TCF-PWC) efforts for the 2013 World Wide Candle Lighting Ceremony and for general funds to support our chapter. The Compassionate Friends – Prince William County Chapter is a sub-chapter of The Compassionate Friends National organization and as such is a non-profit branch 501c3 organization. As such, these fund raising efforts are considered “Love Gifts” to the TCF-PWC and are a charitable donation as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Service. Contact us at if you need tax information in regards to your charitable donation.  Visit our Store on this website for more information about these items.

If you have any other questions, concerns, compliments, requests, etc. that you need to pass on to us before the ceremony, please feel free to contact Shane Williams  ( or Jennifer Malloch ( via email.

Thank you,

Shane C. Williams
Co-Chapter Leader, Webmaster
TCF-Prince William Chapter
Father of Mazzy Kaya Williams