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Since currently there is no NoVA Regional newsletter being published, we are now putting out our own.  Here is where you can come to find the latest and past copies of the TCF Prince William Chapter Newsletter. 

Here is the links:


February 2018 TCF PWC Newsletter

Don’t get our newsletter every month and want to get it in your email?  Or new to the area and want to attend one of our meetings?  Or want to donate to us?  Just fill out the PDF form below and send it back to us at:

2018 TCF PWC Information Form

Due to personal reasons, Jennifer Malloch has had to step down as Chapter Leader of the Prince William Chapter of The Compassionate Friends and I assumed Chapter Leadership as of 1 January 2018.  Jennifer has led this Chapter through lean and hard times and her leadership has been greatly appreciated.  Jennifer is not leaving the Chapter or the Steering Committee.  She has just stepped down from the Chapter Leader position and assumed a Member-At-Large Steering Committee position.  This allows her to continue personal involvement in the Chapter while freeing up time for other things she needs to take care of in her life.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 is our Monthly Meeting at Buckhall United Methodist Church, in the Fellowship Hall, 10251 Moore Drive Manassas, VA 2011, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Come prepared to  share about your child and how you are feeling. Please bring pictures of your children to share them with us. Please remember you are not alone.

I hope that you all have a peaceful  month. If you are in need of anything, please call me at 571-535-4490, please be sure to leave your name and number so I can get back to you. Or you can e-mail me at

Shane Williams
Chapter Leader, TCF PWC
Father of Mazzy Kaya Williams

Worst Possible Thing

This year has been a hard one….not the worst but definitely hard. I often hear people say that is the worst possible, and I think no there is worse…but that isn’t fair. Each person has their own definition of the worst possible thing, and for most people it is broken into two parts. The worst possible thing that has happened to them and the worst possible thing that could happen to them. When you hear someone say the worst possible thing happened, listen, don’t add your worst possible thing to the sentence.

The worst possible thing….the loss of Kimberly was the worst thing I had ever had to go through. The worst possible thing is different for each person. You here people complaining about something and you think….I lost my child, where do you get off complaining, but to them it is the worst possible thing. If you think back to before you lost your child, can you think of what was the worst possible thing was? I think that we want people to be there for us but forget that they might be going through the worst possible thing. Something happens and you feel at an all-time low, well the people you feel are not there for you may be going thru there all time low as well. Don’t assume someone doesn’t care, maybe they just don’t know how to help because they are going thru their worst possible thing.

Jennifer Malloch
Past Chapter Leader, TCF PWC
Mother of Kimberly

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