The Compassionate Friends
“Angels Gather Here”

This page is dedicated to the children that we have lost. Although they have left this world that we call home and may be millions of miles away, all we have to do is whisper their name and they will be here. Our children now possess something that we will never have here on earth. While on earth, they were our little angels. Now that they are in heaven, they have earned their wings. With these wings, they are only a whisper or a thought away.

This place is very special to us here at The Compassionate Friends. This is where we come to visit and remember our children. For indeed…….

“Angels Gather Here”

Our Children Remembered

Macie Danielle Birth: Feb. 5th Angel:  May 12th
Alexis Michelle Birth:  Aug. 21st Angel:  May 7th
Kimberly Heather Birth:  Feb. 21st Angel:  Nov. 5th
Tracy Lynn Birth:  Dec. 25th Angel:  Aug. 13th
Alexander David Birth:  Feb. 13th Angel:  Jan. 13th
Mazzy Kaya Williams Birth:  Mar. 25th Angel:  Nov. 24th
Kimberly Darlene Clark Birth: Sept. 21st Angel:  June 22nd
Michael Wayne Pennington Birth:  Dec. 25th Angel:  Jan. 15th
Katie Beach Birth:  Aug. 13th Angel:  Oct. 14th
Christian Green Birth:  Nov. 12 Angel:  Nov. 1st
Cody Pollard Birth: Angel:

Some of our members have worked to create special pages for their children. If you would like to visit one of these pages, you can click on their link on the menu bar above.

Please take time to visit these special places of remembrance and feel free to leave comments after wards.

If you are a member of the Prince William Chapter of The Compassionate Friends and would like a page on this site for your Angel, please contact me at the email address below and I will work with you to get it setup.

Thanks very much!

Shane C. Williams
Chapter Leader, Webmaster
TCF-Prince William Chapter